Stepping into Greatness

A few weeks ago, I had the awesome privilege of sharing a lesson with the ladies at our weekly Bible Study. I am always humbled and honored to share the Word with the people of God. The title of the lesson was “Breaking out of the box and stepping into Greatness. One of the most important points that I shared with the women, which really applies to everyone, is that there is Greatness on the inside of each of us.

As I shared in the W.I.N. last week, we spend so much time, doubting, fearing, questioning, comparing, and hiding, that we fail to recognize the greatness that lies on the inside of us. The naysayers try their hardest to convince us that we don’t have what it takes or we “can’t be serious” about pursuing our dreams. But if we are going to step into greatness and be successful, it is vitally important that we step out of the box that we have allowed them to place us in.

Below are the three things that I shared with the ladies, that we need to recognize in order for us to step into our Greatness!

1. We must recognize that God has a prosperous plan for our life. One that gives us a future and a hope. When must embrace the fact that there is a predestined plan and it is a prosperous one, filled with hope! Hope is defined as something that is desired, can be had. God sees us living prosperously, not just financially prosperous, but prosperous in our health, in our relationships and in every other area of our life. It is a part of His plan that we are prosperous.
2. We must recognize that Good is the enemy of Great! Being just good enough can cause us to commit to complacency. This will, in turn, cause us to live at a level beneath our God-given potential. We stay stuck in “good enough” because it is comfortable and not met with a lot of resistance…and it may be more palatable to those around us. But the Greatness that God predestined for us will force us out of our “good enough’ comfortable place. So we might as well get comfortable with being uncomfortable. God has placed greatness on the inside of each of us to accomplish great things!!! It imperative that we not settle for just being good enough. We must strive for Greatness.
3. We must recognize that OUR TIME IS NOW! Yep! I am reminding you again this week…YOUR TIME IS NOW!!!!! Too much time has passed and too much potential has gone untapped and unfulfilled! Too many missed opportunities, too much second-guessing and too much dimming down of the greatness that God has placed the inside of US. There are people waiting for us to step into our Greatness. There is no better time than now to step into Our Greatness. Everything that we have been through has shaped us for this moment. We are more prepared than we think.

So if this message resonates with you, I challenge you to meditate on these three things, then take a physical step forward, as a symbolic gesture of your step out of the box and a step into Greatness!!!

Start Stepping!!!! Let’sGo!!!!