There is Still Time!!!

As I prepared to write this blog, I thought about how quickly we’ve made it to the month of August! Wow, the 8th month of the year. Seems like we were just celebrating the New Year. But here we are, in the middle of the 8th month of the year. And before you know it, the end of the year will be here.
My thoughts then went to the goals that I set out to complete this year. You know, our list of resolutions, resolves, vision boards, and SMART goals that we committed to at the start of 2018. Yeah those… Well, I’m not here to get on you or to tell you how much time you have wasted, but rather to let you know There is still time! Yes!!! With less than 5, and close to 4 months left in this year. There is still time to accomplish those goals. You may not be able to complete all of them, but if you start, you will be closer to completing them than if you never started. I want to issue you a challenge. Look at your goals, choose 3 of them and commit to completing them before the end of the year. Choose the ones that are most meaningful to you. I promise you, if you get started, you will feel encouraged to complete them. There several things that you can do to assist you with completing those goals:

1. Regroup-Assess where you are and commit to move forward. Life happens, keep moving forward.
2. Schedule a time(daily/weekly) to work on your goals. A consistent time will help you honor your commitment.
3. Invest in an Individual or Group Coaching program. The accountability will help you stay on track to reaching your goals.

I admit, I have strayed away from my initial goals for this year, but I am committed to completing the ones that are most meaningful to me. And I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks.
Life happens and it definitely happened to me these last 6 months. But I am back on track and I am so excited. I promised myself that I would do better by and for myself. I have found the time to assist several individuals and organizations this year, sometimes at the expense of things that I have committed to get done for myself. But I remembered the promises I have made to myself and I owe it to myself to keep those promises and so do you!
So I just wanted to encourage you today and to remind you that There is still time!!.
Let’s get moving!!!!